A poetic science documentary
Dawn of Hearts
A small group of acclaimed scientist and doctors deliver evidence of the unbelievable:
Our heart is NOT a pump.

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"Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts."
Albert Einstein

Dawn of Hearts is a poetic science documentary that will show you your heart as you’ve never seen it before. Forget everything you’ve been told about your heart. Most of it is completely obsolete.

We show you substantial scientific evidence that our heart is NOT a pump (our blood moves 'itself'), and interweave these truly ground-breaking findings with the spiritual, mythological, and personal dimensions of our hearts. 
You will visit laboratories with scientists and listen to a Sufi master. You’ll hear about the origins of the idea that our planet is a living being and see measurable evidence that we, through our hearts, are connected to a bigger aspect of ourselves, to each other and this beautiful planet itself.

Could it be that the key to everything we ever dreamed of is in our hearts?

"So what does the heart do? It's obvious: the heart stops the blood."
Thomas Cowan, M.D.
"It's surprising to most people, even physicians and neuroscientists to hear that the heart sends more neural signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart."
Dr. Rollin McCraty
"Nothing is random, nothing is purely accidental. Everything is part of our own, if I may say so, individually designed curriculum of the heart."
Kabir Helminski, Sufi Master
"It is astonishing to think that it's not just your heart that's driving everything but it could be also light energy."
Prof. Dr. Gerald Pollack
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"I can only say that other than the heart something is driving the blood circulation."
Zheng Li, PhD Student
The     experts
Thomas Cowan, Medical Doctor
In school, his teachers sometimes called him Doubting Thomas because he had such a hard time accepting authority figures, especially if the answer to “Why?” was “Because someone said so.” Currently, he is one of two MDs worldwide, who seriously propose that our heart is not a pump. In late 2016 he published a book for laypeople, describing long ignored facts about our hearts. Like every other physician, he believed in all the dogmas about what our heart is and how it should be treated.
Now he sees things very, very different and wants to help others to see their heart for what it really is.
Prof. Dr. Pollack - The Scientist
He is the leader in the field of water research and is the originator of the theory of the fourth phase of water, which is deemed to be among the most significant findings of this century.
Reminding one of Einstein with his white hair, the inspiring enthusiasm, and curiosity he is a beautiful example of a never-ending drive to learn. When he began his career creating computer models of the circulatory system he thought we already knew it all. Until he met a Russian researcher that made him question everything he knew about the heart and our circulatory system. Today he suggests that the circulation in our body might be driven by infrared light.
Kabir Helminski - Sufi Master
When he was a young man, he was interested in spirituality, long before he knew what spirituality really was. In his years of studying with various teachers, he met masters of awareness, masters of consciousness and masters of will. But when he met a master of love everything changed.
Kabir Helminski has developed programs that provide a structure for practice and study within Sufism and spiritual psychology. He has translated many volumes of Sufi literature, including many works of Rumi, and is the author of two books on Sufism.
Dr. Rollin McCraty - The Scientist
He is the director of research at the internationally renowned Institute of Heartmath. Since 20 years his published findings in academic journals about our heart paint a picture that puts much of what we learned about our heart upside down.
Trying to find some first answers to what our heart’s purpose might actually be, his research points towards an organ who’s capabilities are nothing short of miraculous, connecting us to everything around us and even transcending the confines of space and time.
Zheng Li - The PhD Student
He is currently working on his Ph.D. thesis in which he investigates the effect that infrared light has on the blood circulation in the early chicken embryo. Li is heartwarmingly shy in front of the camera as he not just explains his astonishing research results, but also how bad he feels when he has to stop the hearts of the three-day old chicken embryos. He generously invited us to film his very last experiment trusting us to not publicly show any footage before he finished his work in fall 2017.
The     synopsis
Pulsing impressions of life, maybe memories, maybe a life to come … holding hands, kiss, birth, the first steps in life, tears, looking into the stars, war, and destruction, growing old, entering a hospital … impressions dancing to the eternal rhythms of our hearts.
The face of an older man looking straight into the camera. He is breathing faintly. It’s the typical sterile, unromantic hospital bedroom with cold fluorescent lights. His wife sits next to him. The two look at each other. Of course, he would rather not have this open heart surgery.
The head of cardiology points at the angiography. Pulsing arteries surrounding the heart give an impression of its shape.
He explains how the heart works and asked about what the purpose of our heart is the answer is clear: Our heart is a pump.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This is one of the few beliefs that nearly all people around the world, despite religious, cultural or educational differences, agree upon.

But just because we all believe in something doesn’t mean that it is true.

Dr. Pollack, the leading water researcher worldwide, started his career doing computer modeling of the cardiovascular system. And he thought we had all the answers. Until a few years ago, when he discovered that we did not have all the answers. Reminding one of the charming elderly, but still youthful curious and enthusiastic Einstein, he and his team researched the relationship between blood circulation and the heart. What they found will turn our worldview literally upside down.

Li is adjusting the microscope so that the monitor shows the fine vessel of the chicken embryo and the slow, yet constant stream of blood, although the heart is stopped. “I can only speak for the research itself. I can only say that other than the heart something is driving the blood circulation.”

In his early twenties, Dr. Cowan stumbled upon the crazy sounding statement of the renowned Rudolf Steiner, that our heart is not a pump. This statement haunted him ever since, and since nearly 40 years he looked into this. “I ended up thinking how could anyone believe that the heart is a pump.” He points at his computer screen and explains in easy to grasp ways the evidence that defeats the dogma that our heart is a pump. And he is adamant about one more thing: As long as we think the heart is a pump, we will not understand its real purpose.

Dawn of Hearts is a poetic science documentary exploring potential answers and new ideas to the seemingly silly sounding question: “Why do we have a heart?”

We follow the human life from before the first heartbeat to beyond the last heartbeat and weave together stories from cutting-edge science to spirituality, from myth to intimate personal experiences to portrait this mysterious pulsing organ.
The     Context
We live in times where the progress of technology seems to be limitless. The promise is the same as it ever was: If we invent and use more technologies our lives will be better, longer, and more fulfilled. Yet, although with every wave of new technology the same promise is repeated, some suggest that rather the opposite is happening: Despite ever increasing technification of our lives, seemingly more and more people struggle with war, poverty, loneliness, chronic disease, and other tragic situations.

With Dawn of Hearts we offer an alternative to the idea that technology will help us create a better world. Starting before the first heartbeat we see that our heart is formed and starts to work before the brain becomes active.

The energetic field that our heart generates is thousand times stronger than that of our brain. It sends more information to our brain than vice versa. The heart has it’s own ‘brain’. It can access information beyond the limits of time and space. And it connects us directly to each other and the planet we live on.

Could it be that not with our brilliant brains, even enhanced with AI, but rather with our hearts we might find solutions to the pressing issues we are facing worldwide?

The idea that our heart is a pump, that our whole universe is nothing but a complicated machine has been and is still the foundation for all western sciences. And western science has made many useful, valuable, amazing discoveries and inventions.

Today western science has been adopted around the world. Does this mean that it is the only valid approach for delivering answers to all questions of life?

What if there is a soul, even if we might never be able to measure or quantify it? What if our hearts, like so many traditions say, have a very important function in regards to our souls?

Hopefully one day a new generation of scientists are open to investing as much time, money and passion into exploring these questions as we invest today to discover how our brains work. This film is dedicated to these curious hearts and minds that are open to looking beyond their own beliefs.

Even if science will replace the existing pump model with another mechanical model exclusively, which is more than likely, this film will ignite the audience’s imagination by showing how our heart deeply connects us to each other, this planet and life itself.

Will we need to become trans-human via brain implants and merging with AI to create a world of peace, freedom, health and inspired humans?
Or does our mysterious heart hold the key to lead us into the next phase of human evolution where our deepest longings can come true?

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